The Islamic Ruling on The Peace Process

Treaties have been signed with the non-Muslims on behalf of the Muslims and the peace process has gone a long way.

Ali Al-Timimi discusses the following reasons as why these peace treaties are signed by the Kuffar:

  1. To eliminate Palestinian jihad in the occupied land.
  2. To strangle the Islamic Da’wah and strike at the Islamic movements everywhere.
  3. To destroy all Arab military mights surrounding Israel.
  4. To subjugate the middle east region to Israeli military forces and to enforce American power over the region and to prevent the development of any armed forces
  5. To alter all media programs and education curricula in order to erase anything that might insight enmity towards the jews.
  6. To enforce jewish financial and economic system over the whole region.
  7. To conquer/take over the region using jewish or christian teaching
  8. To embezzle the water and oil of the region.
  9. To morally corrupt the region

All these treaties are null and void.

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